Americana Dawn is a role playing game which explores over two centuries of early American history and folklore. For the duration, we follow Foster, the spirit of the sea, a gentle and innocent being who arrives in America with no heritage or home. Lost to the wilderness of the Shenandoah Valley, he lives in complete isolation for a hundred years until one day he is recruited into the Virginian Colonial Militia. Thus begins his strange journey, spanning across three wars and the entire eastern seaboard of North America. From the French and Indian War, to the American Revolution, from the colony of Georgia, to Quebec City.

Foster witnesses once loyal Englishmen become American rebels. He fights against dear friends turned foe. He watches his mortal companions blossom then wither, and is left with revelations both inspiring and woeful. And he bears witness to the divisions and unifications which shaped the newborn United States. This is not a story of a man who changes the world, but of a world that changes a man.

Genre: RPGs
対応機種: PC (Mac/Linux TBA)
This originally began as a humorous engine test, but it evolved and became its own title and mythos. The founder of this project migrated to study in Southern California. One day, the founder randomly hitched a ride 250 KM into the desert, but found the 45C weather unbearable and hid inside the nook of a remote canyon miles away from the road.

The founder looked up and was wowed by the layers of sediment, and wondered if these ancient rocks had a soul, what wisdom and opinions could it impart?

The founder later fell into a river and was dragged downstream had the idea to create 'American folklore.' Being a newer country, it does not have an Journey to the West (Saiyuki) or The Water Margin (which inspired the RPG series Genso Suikoden). The vision was to create a new legend while weaving stories of people, politics and fantasies together.

The spirit of the sea, he is a being who borrowed his image from that of English soldiers as they crossed to the New World. To many, he is known as an eccentric Southern gentleman large in height and heart. Standing over 210 cm tall, Foster's fearsome physique masquerades a meek and docile fellow who views the New World with wide, starry eyes. Unfortunately, his naiveté leads him into strange trouble, and in the end, the years of humanity, for all its joys and sorrows, will forever leave their mark upon him.

The spirit of the revered English river, though he is colloquially known as "The Grouch Lord of London Bridge." Thames is infamous for his draconian conduct, Spartan discipline, germaphobia and loud, inebriated lectures from his window. A life-long misanthropist, hermit and prick, it is little wonder why his sole friend is the good-natured Foster. Whenever given the chance, Thames enlists in wars and expeditions as an excuse to be out at sea, away from his 'miserable' island home.

An Acadian who lost his property during the British expulsion at the start of the French and Indian War, losing much of his fortune. Refusing to leave his home, he becomes a bandit, leading raids against the English.

A young girl born into slavery, and inherited the fate of her parents. Unwilling to submit, she challenges her fate by escaping her master’s plantation. Tabitha encounters the naive and clueless Foster in the wilderness of Niagara Falls. Unaware of his background, Tabitha she assumes he is “dead in the head” and uses Foster as a meat shield during her search for liberty.

A mysterious woman who pushed Foster into a river and began his journey.

An unorthodox frontierswoman who appears sporadically offering wares and words of advice. Decades pass, yet she remains unchanged. Her identity remains a mystery.

James Read is among the first englishmen to arrive in North America. During Americana Dawn, Foster encounters over five generations of this family, and witnesses their struggle to survive. From a young man looking for fortune in the dangerous "New World," to a revolutionary with dreamy visions of a new nation to a little girl orphaned by the economic downturns wrought by a prolonged war.

A young woman from West Africa who was told into slavery. On top of her misfortunes, her masters were found dead in a gruesome murder, purportedly by local privateers. She finds herself doomed to servitude on board a private ship off the coastlines of Savannah, Georgia.

Turn-based combat in which players select from a roster of options to control a maximum of three characters. Rather than using ‘ability points’ as penalties for actions, Americana Dawn utilizes cool downs, forcing players to strategize their approach to combat. Enemies deal devastating blows enough to knock out a character in a few hits; however, it is possible to cancel their moves by knocking them to the back row at the appropriate moment. Using powerful but slow abilities will stifle the flexibility required to emerge victorious.

Each main character is granted eight different weapon types that grant different strategic approaches to combat. As there are no random battles, EXP, or statistical improvements offered, progression is measured by skill acquisition. Characters who are naturally adept at specific weapons are granted fifteen levels of mastery per item. To further improve the innate strengths, or weaknesses, of a character, each persons are given three slots of accessories, which have a large variety of properties.。

Americana Dawn’s focus on a dynamic and changing world is demonstrated in its large-scaled combats based on historical battles. Players control historical figures and a large number of units that may be part of eight unique classes.

The key element in these large wars is the interaction with the environment, whether it is slaughtering cannoneers and using infantry to steal their artillery, or attacking sentry towers and turning infantry into marksmen. All skirmishes take place on the world map, and any collateral damage can directly harm towns and establishments for the duration of the game.

A large estate in the second half of the game that has the ability to grow as you collect more furniture and building supplies. A few examples of the expansions includes a music room filled with unused tracks, a field to farm crops ...

While being a single narrative, the wide open world of the 13 Colonies is free for the players to travel to and observe the steady changes over time, as long as they are satisfied with traversing through unfriendly forests.

A journal system that documents Foster's bizarre perspective on history, in addition with section that expanding the facts or correcting any

Children of War ... battle hymn of the French and Indian War

Hallway of Leaves ... theme of Shenandoah Valley

Wilderness Battle ... battle near Tsenacommacah

Frontiersman ... leitmotif of the Americans

Americana Dawn ... main theme